February 28, 2006


Nam Wife J

Life can be so very hard
At the drop of a hat frenetically marred
When in love and living
Hell and heaven pursuing
As the wife of the man
Still fighting battles from Vietnam.

A vet’s wife has to be emotionally willing
With gathered strength daily moodiness encountering
Forever enduring to go the whole nine yards
Never knowing what hand is dealt by his fickle cards
Borne tolerance on special dates walking on egg shells
Tip-toeing through life on pins and needles.

Veteran wives have to be students of PTSD
Know well its ins-and-outs you see
Bearing with stamina seeming apathetic indifference
Directing in moments you least expect violence
Triggered by a churning, stifling, suffocating sound
In a crowd suddenly confining, in confusion milling round.

Time and again you must with fortitude exonerate his guilt
His suffering from surviving war’s battles in psyches built
His guilt assuage, wondering why brothers had to die, not me
His vital force forever infected by Nam’s tumultuous melee
For he's seen carnage deeper than the normal eye can see
Reality lying just beyond the senses his life decree.

Forget about that word "normal"
For a 19 year old boy who’s seen death’s face abysmal
Normal does not apply...
I’ll tell you why...
He lived with wall-to-wall putrid fear unfathomable
He lives with profound misery he doesn’t understand
Senses still short-circuited send him round the bend.

What a poor wife deals with can make her want to scream
For always he contrasts one world with the other extreme
Back and forth, one foot here, then back there...ad nauseum
Back where he learned to kill...or be killed!
React quickly, without thinking, to bring harm...or be harmed!
To act with violence...or be victim of violence!
Men seduced by war's barbarously bizarre world
See horrors in dreams, sights and smells unfurled
Reliving memories of what they saw, what they did
Forever imagining devastation to fractured souls deep down hid.
Fragile boyhood’s innocence lost in Nam’s destruction
Men wasted in the ugly business of killing’s confusion.

Existence entire was an obsession of Nam’s survival
Killing the man, their Vietcong archrival
Living earned by murdering
Just to get back to "the world" in dreams they clung to
These brothers-in-arms bonded through and through.

Only those who've ridden the beast can begin to understand
The depth of a brother's love comprehend.

And while they were gone,
Fighting for their country in hell and beyond"The world" they so loved,turned against them
Dishonored and spit upon them
So those returning with so much to get off their chest
Could not lay this evil war to rest.

Therefore, trusting no one, they turned to isolation
Demons eating at their weary soul’s conflagration,
O the unholy desecration!

Still lost forever between that world, and this
Painful memories tear at life’s moments of bliss
Hiding deep Nam’s unhealed scarsInvisible to the human eye suffering a world of scares.
From youth's painstakingly taught morality
He learned the soldier’s art of immorality!

Life in Nam spent balancing his moral budget to cope
Living there with no morals, no conscience but hope
Living in a place you just had to survive
To stay alive...where conduct disallowed back home...is customary
Killing in the precarious quagmirejust something you had to do...mandatory.

Vietnam, the catalyst for constant internal war
Way down deep in their soul, themselves they abhor
Forever unforgiving themselves for the surviving
Themselves...and those closest to them...punishing.

Bearing guilt...feeling always Out of step, out of rhyme
Lost in this new generation’s pace in time.

To many people, Veterans appear almost catatonic
Warily obsessing on a thousand yard stare lethargic
Driven to times they must be alone
Yet at other frightening times they cannot be alone
Skeptical of authority that let them down in war’s charade
By people they most loved, fought for, trusted, betrayed.

Veteran wives can only support their men
Try with wisdom of Solomon to understand them.

Learn to give more than received, a woman’s touch bestow
For often veterans need more love than wives ever know
For wives must know, learning to live again...is killing him
For Nams memory still lies repressed, still biding deep within.

Though they desperately want to, and know that they must
Is it any wonder they find it so hard, again to trust
To merge back into society they offered their very lives for
That left them wounded, bleakly forsaken on a foreign shore
Society’s gang totally embarrassed by them
Offering no ticker-tape parades, for them...
Veteran wives must learn the three C’s
These thoughts must run through them easy as a summer’s breeze.

Create their problems...they did not!
Control how time and events effect them...
I cannot!Cure them...I alone cannot!
Veterans must heal themselves with therapeutic lessons taught!

For he’s now witness to cruel war’s deadly cost
Seeing just how much of "him" is irrevocably lost.

Learn to forgive him, caring not who is wrong or right
For true love has imperfect eyesight.

Close the unforgiving mouth, for right sorts itself out
When you tune sensibilities to the primal shout!
A wife must keep vets they’ve selected
To "this World" connected...

Listen with open ears
To make more pleasant after-war years
Hear behind his manly voice the fears...
Caress his wetted tears...

Vet families find it so hard to find their cloud nine
Often unable to have friends, who did not too walk the line
Friends...veterans feel they can’t afford them
For back in the day...they lost too many of them.

The hatreds, the fears, the guilt, too often combine
Strangling hearts intertwined in Nam’s awful jungle vine.
How can a still young wife hope to cope
With war’s inbred horror grope...
To keep her man, her family...herself, able
Searching for a sane life that’s half-way stable?

She must have the soul of a saint's sense
Turn bubbling hate to love with patience...
Then find within, more patience!

O how did she get herself into this precarious situation
Find a vet to bestow her adulation...?
Emerge as the wife in love with the man
Still fighting battles from Vietnam!


Marine Wife Prayer

Give me the greatness of heart to see,
The difference between duty and his love for me.
Give me understanding so that I may know,
When duty calls him, he must go.
Give me a task to do each day,
To fill the time when he's away.
When he's in a foreign land,
Keep him safe in your loving hand.
And Lord, when duty is in the field,
Please protect him and be his shield.
And Lord, when deployment is so long,
Please stay with me and keep me strong.

~Author Unknown



An Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan From the Proud Father of a U.S. Marine By Brantley Smith Posted On August 17, 2005

Ms. Sheehan,

By your actions over the past two weeks it is clear that you missed an important aspect of Civics 101: With rights come responsibilities.

You certainly have the right to voice your opinion against the war in Iraq and the President's policies. You even have the right to camp outside the President's home in Crawford and demand he meet with you. Your status as a mother who has lost a child in the war also gives your words and actions a credibility and a larger audience than otherwise would be the case.

Now that your supporters have given you a broad forum from which to be heard, making you a national figure, its time you considered your responsibilities to all of us. I have a daughter set to deploy to Fallujah in two weeks and I have a serious concern with how your irresponsible and short sighted actions might impact on her. She is, after all, a volunteer, like your son, and she is going in harm's way because she believes it is her responsibility to protect your rights and freedoms.

Well meaning people like you always seem to forget the law of unintended consequences and in your vanity and arrogant self-righteousness never bother to think through what it is you are trying to do versus what you may actually accomplish.

I am here to inform you, Ma'am, that you will not change the policy of our government by sitting outside Crawford making a spectacle of yourself in the name of your rights to free speech; what you will do is provide more propaganda for our enemies and cost the lives of even more brave and selfless American warriors.

How long do you think it will be before you become a star on Al Jazeera? For all I know, it may have already happened. One thing is certain, though, and that is that your actions and words will further embolden a ruthless and evil enemy and more American blood will be shed and some of it will be on your hands. I pray that my daughter will not be one of them. If she is, then I will hold you and those like you partly responsible. Yes, my daughter's fate will depend mostly on her own courageous decision to serve, but only the most naive among us can deny the impact our own words and actions here in America have in a world grown smaller by the revolution in communications technology.

I am sure you believe that you are serving some great cause by putting our servicemen and women in more danger and that you can, by your irresponsible exercise of free speech, help end a policy you disagree with. Your emotion may be compelling but the reality is that you will not set in motion any process that will change or undo what has been done. The war will go on because to end it now would dishonor the sacrifice of all of our fellow countrymen who have died in the cause of fighting terrorism. Rational Americans will not allow that. Too much is at stake.

Unfortunately, shallow and irrational ones, such as yourself, will continue to put the lives of our sons and daughters in danger by aiding and abetting an enemy who sees propagandizing in the mass media as its main weapon in a war it could otherwise not win standing on its own wretched and evil justification of radical Islam, or by force of arms. You, Ma'am, have joined forces with an evil you neither understand nor apparently have tried to comprehend. You direct your anger toward our country while the enemy plots to kill and maim the innocent. You make a mockery of responsible free speech while thousands of young men and women fight desperately to preserve your safety. Instead of honoring your son's sacrifice you are inspired to comfort an evil enemy.

You clearly do not understand the challenge we face as a nation and have not tried to put it in historical perspective. It is a sad fact that it is those of your thinking that have led us to where we are today. Decades of appeasement to these haters of everything we hold dear has cost thousands of American lives from Beirut to New York and in dozens of other forgotten places. Remember Lockerbie? The Achille Lauro? The USS Cole? We as a people were dragged into this war, much like December 7th, 1941, and we must fight and win it wherever the enemy hides and against whomever would support him.

Make no mistake about Iraq. It is both a legitimate and crucial campaign in this much larger, global war of radical Islam's making.

These people hate us for who we are, not what we have done. We did not bring this on ourselves, as many would have us believe, by our policies and actions abroad. We brought this on ourselves in 1775 when the Founding Fathers embarked on a course of freedom, tolerance, and liberal democratic and social ideals.

These haters of all we hold dear strive to destroy forever a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" that Abraham Lincoln hoped would never "Perish from the earth". They would replace it with an oppressive world theocracy unlike anything modern history has ever seen for its ruthless disregard for personal freedom and liberty. If more appeasement is your answer for an alternative policy, spare us. We have suffered enough from cowardice and inaction.

An historical analogy screams to be let out here. It is one of two men, both named Chamberlain. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a school teacher turned soldier in the American Civil War, found himself in the crosshairs of history on a warm July day in 1863 on a small hill in Pennsylvania. Commanding the 20th Maine Regiment on the extreme Union left at Gettysburg he was in a most perilous position. Should he fail to hold against a strong Confederate attack, the Union could be lost. You see, he was serving in an increasingly unpopular war at home against a resurgent enemy, and for a President fighting for his political life. Colonel Chamberlain, stoic but determined, refused to yield. His small regiment held against an onslaught of Confederate attacks, an action many historians believe turned the tide of the war. He was later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The other half of this analogy focuses on Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain in the years preceding World War II. His story is widely known. Through his policy of appeasement and a lack of moral courage, he handed Adolf Hitler much of Europe. Which side of history have you chosen, Ma'am?

Your son died in the service of freedom and my daughter will go in harm's way to protect and preserve it. Honor their sacrifice, Ma'am, by exercising it responsibly.

I will pray with you and I will grieve with you but I will not stand by silent while you needlessly and arrogantly endanger the life of my daughter and her comrades in arms. Please bless us with your silence and go home.

Brantley Smith Proud father of a United States Marine Tullahoma, TN email:

Marines in NAM

Hill 49



A Marine Mom

I Give To You My Son

I hugged him as a boy.
And through the years he has become
My greatest pride and joy.

I love him more than I can say,
His life more precious than my own.
But gone are the whims and notions
Of the little boy that I have known.

For the years have passed so quickly
Since the time it all began,
And now he stands before me
With the convictions of a man.

He wants to serve his country
He states aloud with pride,
As I try to sort out the emotions
That I'm feeling deep inside.

A union of the uncertain fear,
Which I cannot control,
And the allegiance that lies deep within
My patriotic soul.

I trust that my years of guidance
Will serve as a strong foundation
As he perfoms the duties requested
From his beloved nation.

God, please guide him as he travels
To the places our Marines have bled,
And walk with him through pathways
where those heroes' feet have tread.
Oh, Sweet Land of Liberty,
Humbly I give you my son,
Praying you'll return him safely home
When his work for you is done.

A Soldier's WIfe

May 2004

Many of you have heard a poem called "A Soldier’s Wife"
and I have read it several times on Hugh’s show. Let me remind you with a little of it now.

Yes, hers could have been a glittering path
Through a careless, care-free life
But she fell in love with a soldier
So she became a soldier’s wife.
Away from the home of her childhood
She marched at her husband’s side
For she chose a wide and winding road
When she became a soldier’s bride.
She learned to build a hearth for them
Wherever he man was sent
And she knelt to plant a garden
Every time he pitched their tent.
Yes, she’d always plant a garden
Though she never saw it grow
For she knew before the flowers came
That she would have to go.
She raised a soldier’s family
With faith her love had taught her
And she gave the pride she had inside
To her son and to her daughter
And she never wished for better
Than the road she marched through live
Because she was as much a soldier
As she was a soldier’ wife.

The internet sites where I have seen this poem say "Author Unknown" and I think that’s an injustice. But I also think the poem only tells half of the story.

And so my poem is
Her Husband
On the road he had to travel
Over hill and over dale
He yearned for a companion
One whose love would never fail
So the soldier kept surveillance
With his shining soldier’s eyes
Till that moment when he saw you
Still, it caught him by surprise
And he took you as a partner
On that quest that burned inside
And to have you there beside him
Gave him peace and gave him pride.
Though he never said it often(He was not that kind of guy)
He got up every morning
And he blessed you to the sky.
And though it didn't’t seem likely
That your love could grow much more
Somehow he held you closer
Through the children that you bore.
Oh, how hard it was to leave you
Just how hard you’ll never know
But the morning brought his orders
And he simply had to go.
And the thing that kept him going
The fire that in him burned
Was a vision of your smile
And your face when he returned
Every man is given choices
By the Father and the Son
A life long and uneventful
Or a short and glorious one
And the ones who chose the latter
At the risk that they might fall
Are the guardians of freedom
And defend that choice for all.
So the soldier met his mission
The soldier did his part
And from the field of battle
God took him to his heart.
Now he’s standing in that garden
That garden that you made
And he feels you in the sunlight
And the coolness of the shade.
Though he misses you like morning
And because his soul is just
He gives you his permission
To forget him when you must.
For he wants his sons and daughters
To have all the world can give
And the mission of the living
Is to march ahead and live.
He lived life to its limit
He did what he had to do
And he gives this last commission
To you.
Yes, he needed a companion
For he knew that war is hell
The soldier, he chose wisely.
The soldier, he chose well

USMC Hummer

February 26, 2006

Marines wall of Support

please email your photos to milpics@earthlink.net

Marine Mom

You just might be the Parent of a U. S. Marine
by Kolette, proud mom of Cpl Brian Abell, 3/25 WPNS Co.
If you find yourself peaking around the corner before you turn down your street checking that no military vehicles are parked in your driveway and if you have nightmares about people wearing royal blue pants with a red stripe ringing your doorbell, ... you just might be the parent of a Marine serving in a combat zone.
If you put out your flag everyday and find yourself wanting to rip the face off anyone who disrespects that symbol of our freedom,
... you just might be the parent of a U. S. Marine.
If you feel guilty for wishing your son would get 'injured just a little bit' because that would mean he would be safe and comfortable in a hospital for a few weeks, ... you might be the parent of a deployed Marine.
If you get really mad at the ignorant idiots who insist that all this fighting is just not necessary and that the world would be at peace if the US would just mind its own business, ... you just might be the parent of a U. S. Marine whose life is on the line to protect the freedoms that these thankless bums take for granted.
If you negotiate with God every night before bed and the first thing every morning that if he will just bring your son or daughter home safe, you will do absolutely anything, ...then you are the parent of a Marine stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan.
If you deliberately keep yourself very busy, every minute, every day for the sole purpose of distracting yourself from thinking that at that very moment someone, somewhere on the other side of the planet is shooting at your child, ... you just might have a Marine in a combat zone.
If your shopping cart contains tuna fish, beef jerky, foot powder, Chapstick, playing cards, disposable shavers, car magazines, a pre-paid phone card and small children's toys, ... you just might be the parent of a Marine who is spending a lot of his time patrolling the streets of Iraq.
If your son or daughter is halfway around the world fighting in 120 degree heat with 50 lbs of equipment on their back to preserve our country's freedom while your neighbor's smartass 20-year-old mouths off about our stupid military and you find you have to restrain yourself from slapping the crap out of him, ... you must be the parent of a U. S. Marine.

If you get really mad at the ignorant idiots who insist that all this fighting is just not necessary and that the world would be at peace if the US would just mind its own business, ... you just might be the parent of a U. S. Marine whose life is on the line to protect the freedoms that these thankless bums take for granted.
If you negotiate with God every night before bed and the first thing every morning that if he will just bring your son or daughter home safe, you will do absolutely anything, ...then you are the parent of a Marine stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan.
If you deliberately keep yourself very busy, every minute, every day for the sole purpose of distracting yourself from thinking that at that very moment someone, somewhere on the other side of the planet is shooting at your child, ... you just might have a Marine in a combat zone.
If your shopping cart contains tuna fish, beef jerky, foot powder, Chapstick, playing cards, disposable shavers, car magazines, a pre-paid phone card and small children's toys, ... you just might be the parent of a Marine who is spending a lot of his time patrolling the streets of Iraq.
If your son or daughter is halfway around the world fighting in 120 degree heat with 50 lbs of equipment on their back to preserve our country's freedom while your neighbor's smartass 20-year-old mouths off about our stupid military and you find you have to restrain yourself from slapping the crap out of him, ... you must be the parent of a U. S. Marine.
If you feel like an extraordinarily good mother because you know that you would sell your very soul, right now, to buy just one hug from your deployed Marine, ... know that you are actually only the average Marine Mom.
If you get calls at 3:00 am and barely recognize the voice of the child you raised between his satellite-delayed comments and then can't get back to sleep because you can't stop analyzing every word he said and kicking yourself for forgetting the things you tried to remember to ask, ... you are the parent of a U. S. Marine who is far from home.
If you have memories of a tough, but precious little boy with a dirt-smeared face who idolized He-Man, always had a 'sword' in his belt, and a plastic knife in his boot and later played hockey or football (and definitely paintball) and now has a very pretty girlfriend, ... you just might have raised a U. S. Marine.
If you are someone who hasn't penned a hand-written letter since the day email was invented, but now cranks them out daily, ... you just might be the parent of an active duty U. S. Marine.
If your vehicle displays a yellow ribbon AND a red, white and blue ribbon, a USMC magnet, a blue star, a "Marine Mom" license plate holder and an American flag sticker, ... you are a proud mother of a U. S. Marine.
If you find yourself shamelessly, repeatedly, asking your friends and family to please send cards and packages to your child, ... you are the parent of a deployed Marine.
If you have never felt more heavy-hearted (and somehow guilty) at a wake than you did at the one you just attended for a handsome young man whose solitary portrait sat near his flag-draped casket, ... then your Marine may have just lost a good buddy.
If 50 years of a full life never presented a prouder moment than watching your son confidently march across the parade deck on graduation day at Parris Island or San Diego, ... then you are definitely the very proud parent of a U. S. Marine.



Military videos


# 27 JR REDMOND Oakland Raiders signed some stuff for Marines I have in Iraq

JR's mom was a nurse at CHLA{Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles} were I had my BMT done {Bone Marrow Transplant} Linda is a really great nurse ! Nurse's are the back bone of any hospital.

I was the 1st BMT at CHLA in 1983



February 25, 2006


Hearts & Minds

Rebuilding the country ..........one heart & mind at a time



Support Letter


Thank you for taking a second out of your busy work schedule, to read my little letter. My name is Josh Wright I have adopted a few US Marines during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have three platoons of Marines that have deployed back out to defend our country, for a second tour. The Marines in a platoon they understand the sacrifices & are willing to make them My Marines are afraid that they will be for gotten well in Iraq. Please I would like to see that not happen !! These brave Marines I have had the honor to meet them personally but they are more then HEROES in my book, they are legends, they are UNITED STATES MARINES.

I was just wondering if your co-workers, family & friends would like help support some Marines deploying out? By sending some company logo or patriotic items to the Marines like, flags, calendars, hats, stickers & posters. The Marines also ask for thick wool boot socks(size 6-12), underwear (size 32-36) , foot cream, hand warmer pack/heat packs, gummy bears, body wash / lotion, instant hot cocco mix, baby wipes, eye drops and black hooded sweat shirts or black turtleneck sweat shirts. Those are just a few of the items the Marines ask for. It’s just something to place a small smile on their young faces & let them know we have not for gotten about them. The Marines always enjoying getting letters of support, care package or anything for that matter from some one they have never met. Please send all care package donation supplies straight to the ATTN : . There will be about 50 Marines that will deploy out. Flat Rate priority mail boxes are always a cheap way to go.

I can not join the service do to the fact I was the 1st Bone Marrow Transplant at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in 1983. Now I am battling Hepatitis C and need a new liver. Thank you very much for supporting the MARINES.

Josh Wright

Downey, Ca 90242


25 Ashton Lewis Jr #25 NASCAR


Dress Blues

February 24, 2006

Fallujah ~ 20 minute video clip


20 Minutes in Falluja
This video
from the BBC is a must see.It is the best I have seen so far. I usually look a bit askance at anything by the BBC, but this is an exception.1% of the reporter’s comments aside; simply outstanding


Lock and load!
We’re goin’ for a walk in the park
Where things tend to explode.
Be humping till dark,
Out in the killing zone.
No, there’s no time to phone home.
So saddle up girls!
We’re only gonna walk twenty klicks...
Maybe thirty,
Gonna get our kicks
And Charley sure don’t have no choir girls
So be ready...
Be ready...
Keep it steady...
Be alert!
Every minute...
Your very life depends on it!
You don’t want to live forever, do you?
Death may be waiting for you
Behind the next bend in the trail
Watching for youJust you
And there’s nowhere to bail.
You have to face it
Prepare for it
Every day
Every way...Are you ready
To bite the bullet with your name on it?
Be steadyIn this fevered pit
So far from home
And so all alone...
You don’t want to live forever, do you?
Watch every step!
I mean, every step...
Or it could be your last one.
Move it out with a little pep!
If you want to see "The World" again, son?
But you can't think about "THE BULLET" too much
What’s that moving in the treeline?
Did that bush move?
Just keep movin’ it down the line.
Hug that beautiful
TerribleHorribleM-16 so fineGood eyes, good luck, and a good weapon must combine.
For the warrior his M-16's his best friend,Cause the other guy to his grave it'll send.
But if it don't...
You really don’t want to live forever,
do you?Just keep doing what your rich uncle...
Uncle Sammy, pays you the big bucks for.
This combat infantry chore...
No time to worry now ‘bout your moral decline
With the "boy scouts" divine...
So don’t let the fear get to you,
Around your heart entwine
Or you could go crazy.
You lose it now
Before you know it you'll be kickin' up a daisy.
Just watch your step!
Look at the ground where you’re gonna step...
Does it look like somebody’s been digging there?
Does it look like somebody packed somethin’ in there?
We gotta keep humping til night falls
So keep an eye out,
Or Charlies surprise package tamped in the ground
Gonna jump up and grab you in the b.....uh, neck!
You don’t want to live forever, do you?
Death may be waiting for you underground
So don’t look up....
Death may be waiting for you behind that bush
So don’t look down...Troop, you got two eyes haven’t you?
You can see everywhere at once can’t you?
Good thing
Or you would surely die...
What’s that, a sigh...
Sure you’ll live to see,
"The World."Just pray to God
It's not when the flag over you is unfurled.
Sure it’s a messy chore!
But somebody’s gotta do it,
And you answered the call
You know,
all gave some,
Some gave all...Besides,
You don’t expect to live forever, do you?
Travel light,Cause everything you girls take
Will be carried on your back every blessed klick
But I wanna see every swingin’ D...,uh. grunt
Just put one foot in front of the otherEvery klick...
Do the two-step shuffle brother,Just one foot after the other
Till you get wherever you're headin'
Where that is I don't know...
The army operates on a need to know basis,
An I guess I just don't need to know...
Nobody tells me a thing cause I'm just a grunt
Mine is just to do or...well, you know!
You didn’t expect to live forever, did you?
Do you have everything you need?
Let’s see.
First aid kit for when you bleed...
And you will bleed.
Dynamite...good ole TNT with which to play,
Always makes for a festive day.!
Three fragmentation grenades!
A percussion grenade!A white phosphorous grenade!
A smoke grenade!
A pound of C-4 exposive!Sixteen full ammo clips!
Entrenching tool!
Claymore mine!
Trip flare!
Three canteens!
Mosquito repellant!
Pancho liner bedding!
C-rations for three days!
Extra socks!
Extra socks?
Yea, you got everything you need...
Ready to go out in the bush
And do this killing deed!
Make your Uncle Sammy proud
Just don't walk too loud
Or you might wake up the dead...
Then you'll be dead.Just make sure nobody lags!
Army only moves as fast as its slowest man.
I wonder who carries the body bags?
Hope we have enough,
Could get pretty rough...
You don’t want to live forever, do you?
Wanna hump the radio
Too...Be the platoon RTO?
You still have to carry all that other stuffToo...
Do you want to walk the point
Way out front of all those other jerks.
Think of all the perks...
You get to be the first
To see where the Vietcong lurks
You get to be up where the action is!
See firsthand
Where the bullet with your name on it is!
Just pray Charley doesn’t see you first...
Might ruin your whole day
With an AK-47 burst...
That would take all the fun out of this little fray
This Vietnam passion play
That we offer our lives for...
That we pound the jungle floor for,
Sicken our very souls for...
But what ya gonna do,
You don’t want to live forever, do you?
Can you believe it,
Some rear echelon dudes across the pond
Are badmouthing this war for which we’re so fond.
In that faraway place known as "The World,
"They even say they abhor
Can You believe it?
That’s bull s...uh, hockey,
What they wanna do, live forever?
by B Berry

It started in January; snow on the ground;
Many a rumor was flying around.
Trouble was building up in Iraq;
Soldiers leaving to prepare the attack.

In February, we finally knew
Ryan would be leaving home, too.
All his equipment he must pack.
In only weeks he'd be in Iraq.

In March, the day finally came.
We wondered if life would be the same.
As Ryan left, we all knew
This would be so hard to get through.

He left behind all of his life,
Including a beautiful baby and wife.
He assured us that things would go well,
But into my stomach the worry fell.

The T.V. announced that our threats we had meant
And into Iraq our soldiers were sent.
I sat for hours glued to T.V.,
Hoping to hear where my brother might be.

It was so hard not to know
Where he was or where he would go.
All I could do was sit there and pray,"Lord keep him safe; let him be okay."

We followed the news day by day,
Listening closely to what Bush would say.
"Our soldiers are strong and brave and true.

This is something they had to do.
"We watched as Iraq began to fall.
After six weeks, Ryan finally could call.
To hear his voice was such a relief.
"We'll be home soon," was his belief.

We couldn't believe the stories he'd share;
Conditions of people's lives over there.
Listening to him made my heart swell with pride.
My heart also ached for those who had died.

After much guessing, we finally know;
My brother still has six months left to go.
In Iraq, Ryan must stay
Until the people can find a new way.

We know what he's doing must be done,
But waiting and worrying isn't much fun.
It's hard to think of all he'll miss-
His son's first steps; his wife's gentle kiss.

To make this worth it, Iraq must succeed.
I know they will with him in the lead.
To me, a hero he'll always be
Giving his all for our great country.

Spec Ops Marines

The Night Before Payback

'Twas the night before Payback and all through the Land,
They're running like rabbits in Afghanistan,
Osama's been praying, he's down on his Knees,
He's hoping that Allah will hear all his Pleas.
He thought if he killed us that we'd fall and Shatter,
But all that he's done is just make us Madder.
We ain't yet forgotten our Marines in Beirut,
And we'll kick your butt, with one heavy Boot.
And yes we remember the USS Cole,
And the lives of our sailors that you bastards Stole.
You think you can rule us and cause us to Fear,
You'll soon get the answer if you live to Hear.
And we ain't forgotten your buddy Saddam,
And he ain't forgotten the sound of our Bombs.
You think that those mountains are somewhere to Hide.
They'll go down in history as the place where you Died.
Remember Khadhafi and his Line of Death?
He came very close to his final Breath.
So come out and prove it, that you are a Man,
Cause our boys are coming and they have a Plan.
They are our fathers and they are our Sons,
And they sure do carry some mighty big Guns.
They would have stayed home with children and Wives,
Till you bastards came here and took all these Lives.
Osama I wrote this especially for You,
For air mail delivery by B-52.
You soon will be hearing a thud and a whistle,
Old Glory is coming, attached to a Missile.
I will not be sorry to see your ass Go.
It's Red, White, and Blue that is running this Show.


Combat Never Forgets

1. Once you are in the fight, it is way too late to wonder if this is a good idea.
2. It is a fact that helicopter tail rotors are instinctively drawn toward trees, stumps, rocks, etc. While it may be possible to ward off this natural event some of the time, it cannot, despite the best efforts of the crew, always be prevented. It's just what they do.
3. NEVER get into a fight without more ammunition than the other guy.
4. Cover your Buddy, so he can be around to cover you.
5. Letters from home are not always great.
6. The madness of war can extract a heavy toll. Please have exact change.
7. Share everything. Even the Pound Cake.
8. Decisions made by someone over your head will seldom be in your best interest.
9. The further away you are from your friends, the less likely it is that they can help you when you really need them the most.
10. Sometimes, being good and lucky still was not enough. There is always payback.
11. "Chicken Plates" (bullet proof plates for flak jackets) are not something you order in a restaurant.
12. If everything is as clear as a bell, and everything is going exactly as planned, you're about to be surprised.
13. If the rear echelon troops are really happy, the front line troops probably do not have what they need.
14. Happiness is a belt-fed weapon.
15. Eat when you can. Sleep when you can. Visit the head when you can. The next opportunity may not come around for a long time. If ever.
16. Combat pay is a flawed concept.
17. Having all your body parts intact and functioning at the end of the day beats the alternative.
18. If you are allergic to lead it is best to avoid a war zone.
19. When you shoot your gun, clean it the first chance you get.
20. Loud sudden noises in a helicopter WILL get your undivided attention.
21. Hot garrison chow is better than hot C-rations, which, in turn is better than cold C-rations, which is better than no food at all. WHAT is often more important than WHY.
22. Girlfriends are fair game. Wives are not.
23. Everybody's a hero on the ground in the club after the fourth drink.
24. There is no such thing as a small firefight.
25. A free-fire zone has nothing to do with economics.
26. Medals are OK, but having your body and all your friends in one piece at the end of the day is better.
27. The only medal you really want to be awarded is the Longevity Medal.
28. There is only one rule in war: When you win, you get to make up the Rules.
29. While a Super Bomb could be considered one of the four essential building blocks of life, powdered eggs cannot.
30. C-4 (plastic explosives) can make a dull day fun.
31. Cocoa Powder (found in field rations) is neither. Always make sure someone has a P-38
(compact can opener).
32. Flying is better than walking. Walking is better than running. Running is better than crawling. All of these however, are better than extraction by a Med-Evac, even if this is technically a form of flying.

A Marine who's sorry

A Marine who's sorry...
"One Marine's apology" posted on March 31st, 2005 This Letter of Apology was written by Lieutenant General Chuck Pitman, US Marine Corps, Retired:
"For good and ill, the Iraqi prisoner abuse mess will remain an issue. On the one hand, right thinking Americans will harbor the stupidity of the actions while on the other hand, political glee will take control and fashion this minor event into some modern day massacre.
I humbly offer my opinion here:
I am sorry that the last seven times we Americans took up arms and sacrificed the blood of our youth, it was in the defense of Muslims (Bosnia, Kosovo, Gulf War 1, Kuwait, etc.).
I am sorry that no such call for an apology upon the extremists came after 9/11.
I am sorry that all of the murderers on 9/11 were Islamic Arabs.
I am sorry that most Arabs and Muslims have to live in squalor under savage dictatorships.
I am sorry that their leaders squander their wealth.
I am sorry that their governments breed hate for the US in their religious schools, mosques, and government-controlled media.
I am sorry that Yassar Arafat was kicked out of every Arab country and high-jacked the Palestinian "cause."
I am sorry that no other Arab country will take in or offer more than a token amount of financial help to those same Palestinians.
I am sorry that the USA has to step in and be the biggest financial supporter of poverty stricken Arabs while the insanely wealthy Arabs blame the USA for all their problems.
I am sorry that our own left wing, our media, and our own brainwashed masses do not understand any of this (from the misleading vocal elements of our society like radical professors, CNN and the NY TIMES).
I am sorry the United Nations scammed the poor people of Iraq out of the "food for oil" money so they could get rich while the common folk suffered.
I am sorry that some Arab governments pay the families of homicide bombers upon their death.
I am sorry that those same bombers are brainwashed thinking they will receive 72 virgins in "paradise."
I am sorry that the homicide bombers think pregnant women, babies, children, the elderly and other noncombatant civilians are legitimate targets.
I am sorry that our troops die to free more Arabs from the gang rape rooms and the filling of mass graves of dissidents of their own making.
I am sorry that Muslim extremists have killed more Arabs than any other group.
I am sorry that foreign trained terrorists are trying to seize control of Iraq and return it to a terrorist state.
I am sorry we don't drop a few dozen Daisy Cutters on Fallujah.
I am sorry every time terrorists hide they find a convenient "Holy Site."
I am sorry they didn't apologize for driving a jet into the World Trade Center that collapsed and severely damaged Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - one of our Holy Sites.
I am sorry they didn't apologize for flight 93 and 175, the USS Cole, the embassy bombings, the murders and beheadings of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, etc....etc!
We hang out our dirty laundry for the entire world to see. We move on. That's one of the reasons we are hated so much. We don't hide this stuff like all those Arab countries that are now demanding an apology. Deep down inside, when most Americans saw this reported in the news, we were like - so what? We lost hundreds and made fun of a few prisoners. Sure, it was wrong, sure, it dramatically hurts our cause, but until captured we were trying to kill these same prisoners. Now we're supposed to wring our hands because a few were humiliated? Our compassion is tempered with the vivid memories of our own people killed, mutilated and burnt amongst a joyous crowd of celebrating Fallujans. If you want an apology from this American, you're going to have a long wait! You have a better chance of finding those seventy-two virgins.
Chuck Pitman
Lieutenant General
US Marine Corps (Retired)
Semper Fi



Written by: Jeff Fischelli, Former Sergeant, USMC, 1995-2003

Enough with the talking, no more pretending It's time our guys brought you your ending.

Fallujah has been a thorn in our side
And now has come time to put some rounds in your hide.

The ragheads don't know what we've got in store
It's time to rain down hell's fire galore.

My Marine brothers have some things to show you
Things to scare you, frazzle you, and then explode you.

The Germans know well what you've got coming
Or ask the Japs or Koreans what sent them running.

Warriors in mind, body, and soul
Marines are we, taking our toll

On the 'Insurgents', as the AP reports,
But we call them maggots, pukes, and thugs of all sorts.

Your virgins await, so make Allah proud!
The time is short and you will be found.

By the tank in the street, with gun turret low
By the sniper above, offering his blow.

By the M-16 that pierces the dark
Or the blade of a Marine that slices your heart.

American anger is now boiling hot
We want blood and guts; until then we won't stop.

"W" has said, "Go forward, Marine!"
Fight, kill, the vile enemy.

Until our little ones sleep free from fear
Till our nation is safe from the sickos with beards.

Little do you know that victory is ours
Because we'll never forget those falling towers. _________________
Maj. (Cdt) Garcez
Intelligence Officer
Cadet Sound Off Forum

Lt.Col. Anti Chick Pea Terror Team
Sniper Team Commander

"We're not retreating, Hell! We're just attacking in different direction!" -GEN. OLIVER SMITH, USMC