February 20, 2006

9/11 ~ Marines

on that cold september day
the sky was black & grey
one could say to you
it was fatal to be an American
on that hateful day
anger filled this young man's eyes
before I could cry
American would call for the cream of the crop lean & mean some would say
no that's no my way
look deep inside find that rebel & let him ride
lets' go ...go ... go
it's time to rollit's time to fight
so let them know you own the night
so the best would come from east to west
standing tall along that American wall
with pride in their eyes
iron in their hands
these crazy men came together for one last stand
for fellow man
for Uncle Sam
these boys were raging mad
out from the ash's old glory would rise
in each American one tear would fall
for pride
for god & country
thank you one & all
thank you who answered the call
standing true & blue
thank god for all of you
all never know all who stood tall
for those who have fallen
I'll never forget
you're the best no matter who may say
you prove it each & everyday
thank you once again
no matter what rank held
I'd like to thank the very best
for freedom is safe for one more day
no that word FREEDOM has a whole new meaning
I'll be a man and admit
I had to cry for I know the me who are doing my time
one tear would fall
for all those who answered when their country called


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