February 24, 2006

by B Berry

It started in January; snow on the ground;
Many a rumor was flying around.
Trouble was building up in Iraq;
Soldiers leaving to prepare the attack.

In February, we finally knew
Ryan would be leaving home, too.
All his equipment he must pack.
In only weeks he'd be in Iraq.

In March, the day finally came.
We wondered if life would be the same.
As Ryan left, we all knew
This would be so hard to get through.

He left behind all of his life,
Including a beautiful baby and wife.
He assured us that things would go well,
But into my stomach the worry fell.

The T.V. announced that our threats we had meant
And into Iraq our soldiers were sent.
I sat for hours glued to T.V.,
Hoping to hear where my brother might be.

It was so hard not to know
Where he was or where he would go.
All I could do was sit there and pray,"Lord keep him safe; let him be okay."

We followed the news day by day,
Listening closely to what Bush would say.
"Our soldiers are strong and brave and true.

This is something they had to do.
"We watched as Iraq began to fall.
After six weeks, Ryan finally could call.
To hear his voice was such a relief.
"We'll be home soon," was his belief.

We couldn't believe the stories he'd share;
Conditions of people's lives over there.
Listening to him made my heart swell with pride.
My heart also ached for those who had died.

After much guessing, we finally know;
My brother still has six months left to go.
In Iraq, Ryan must stay
Until the people can find a new way.

We know what he's doing must be done,
But waiting and worrying isn't much fun.
It's hard to think of all he'll miss-
His son's first steps; his wife's gentle kiss.

To make this worth it, Iraq must succeed.
I know they will with him in the lead.
To me, a hero he'll always be
Giving his all for our great country.


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