February 24, 2006



Written by: Jeff Fischelli, Former Sergeant, USMC, 1995-2003

Enough with the talking, no more pretending It's time our guys brought you your ending.

Fallujah has been a thorn in our side
And now has come time to put some rounds in your hide.

The ragheads don't know what we've got in store
It's time to rain down hell's fire galore.

My Marine brothers have some things to show you
Things to scare you, frazzle you, and then explode you.

The Germans know well what you've got coming
Or ask the Japs or Koreans what sent them running.

Warriors in mind, body, and soul
Marines are we, taking our toll

On the 'Insurgents', as the AP reports,
But we call them maggots, pukes, and thugs of all sorts.

Your virgins await, so make Allah proud!
The time is short and you will be found.

By the tank in the street, with gun turret low
By the sniper above, offering his blow.

By the M-16 that pierces the dark
Or the blade of a Marine that slices your heart.

American anger is now boiling hot
We want blood and guts; until then we won't stop.

"W" has said, "Go forward, Marine!"
Fight, kill, the vile enemy.

Until our little ones sleep free from fear
Till our nation is safe from the sickos with beards.

Little do you know that victory is ours
Because we'll never forget those falling towers. _________________
Maj. (Cdt) Garcez
Intelligence Officer
Cadet Sound Off Forum

Lt.Col. Anti Chick Pea Terror Team
Sniper Team Commander

"We're not retreating, Hell! We're just attacking in different direction!" -GEN. OLIVER SMITH, USMC


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