February 23, 2006

Is It Worth It?

Again we send our young men off to war,
as we bicker to each other and say what the hell for.

Again we leave our shores to fight in someone's else's land,
Mothers, father and wives say that they can't understand.

We ask our leaders as they fight among each other,
trying to decide just what to do,
Some leaders says it wrong and other leaders says this wars is for you.

Now every day we read that more of our young men dies,
Then their loves ones gets the word that they gave their lives.

Just how many more young men must we loose each day,
we are Americans and we will bow our heads and then we will pray.

They are brave young men who answer their President when the call came to go,
Packed up their gear they knew that they were headed to one hell of a show.

The enemy was dug in and thought they were ready for a fight,
Then we hit the battlefield with force it was late at night,
The enemy turn tail and ran when we started our attack,
We are now driving at top speed headed towards Baghdad, Iraq,
It didn't take the Army very long to take the airport from the Republican Guard,
They drove with speed and they hit damn them hard.

now it has been a year that we have been in this war,
and a lot of people are still saying what the hell for.

They must be wearing blinders and maybe a little touch in the head,
Don't you remember 911 and all of our love one who are dead?

No one knows just how long this war will last,
some believe like the one that we fought in the past.

Now the Marines are there fighting the terrorist who hides in their holy shrines,
come on you yellow Shiite show your face your ass is mind.

This is for the protester who too yellow to fight,
hold up their signs get out of Iraq they demand,
If you are so determined to protest over there,
them pack up your belonging and leave my land.

GySgt Marvin Bush USMC Retired


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