February 28, 2006

A Soldier's WIfe

May 2004

Many of you have heard a poem called "A Soldier’s Wife"
and I have read it several times on Hugh’s show. Let me remind you with a little of it now.

Yes, hers could have been a glittering path
Through a careless, care-free life
But she fell in love with a soldier
So she became a soldier’s wife.
Away from the home of her childhood
She marched at her husband’s side
For she chose a wide and winding road
When she became a soldier’s bride.
She learned to build a hearth for them
Wherever he man was sent
And she knelt to plant a garden
Every time he pitched their tent.
Yes, she’d always plant a garden
Though she never saw it grow
For she knew before the flowers came
That she would have to go.
She raised a soldier’s family
With faith her love had taught her
And she gave the pride she had inside
To her son and to her daughter
And she never wished for better
Than the road she marched through live
Because she was as much a soldier
As she was a soldier’ wife.

The internet sites where I have seen this poem say "Author Unknown" and I think that’s an injustice. But I also think the poem only tells half of the story.

And so my poem is
Her Husband
On the road he had to travel
Over hill and over dale
He yearned for a companion
One whose love would never fail
So the soldier kept surveillance
With his shining soldier’s eyes
Till that moment when he saw you
Still, it caught him by surprise
And he took you as a partner
On that quest that burned inside
And to have you there beside him
Gave him peace and gave him pride.
Though he never said it often(He was not that kind of guy)
He got up every morning
And he blessed you to the sky.
And though it didn't’t seem likely
That your love could grow much more
Somehow he held you closer
Through the children that you bore.
Oh, how hard it was to leave you
Just how hard you’ll never know
But the morning brought his orders
And he simply had to go.
And the thing that kept him going
The fire that in him burned
Was a vision of your smile
And your face when he returned
Every man is given choices
By the Father and the Son
A life long and uneventful
Or a short and glorious one
And the ones who chose the latter
At the risk that they might fall
Are the guardians of freedom
And defend that choice for all.
So the soldier met his mission
The soldier did his part
And from the field of battle
God took him to his heart.
Now he’s standing in that garden
That garden that you made
And he feels you in the sunlight
And the coolness of the shade.
Though he misses you like morning
And because his soul is just
He gives you his permission
To forget him when you must.
For he wants his sons and daughters
To have all the world can give
And the mission of the living
Is to march ahead and live.
He lived life to its limit
He did what he had to do
And he gives this last commission
To you.
Yes, he needed a companion
For he knew that war is hell
The soldier, he chose wisely.
The soldier, he chose well


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