February 21, 2006



They awake in the morning surprised they made it through the night because the night carried them back to Vietnam. They must now face a day in hopes the demons don't show up while they try and make it back to the safety of night where they once again can go back to Vietnam, back to the brothers they carried and were carried by.
They carry the image of a boy shot full of holes lying in their arms as they die and know full well their turn is coming. They carry the screams of pain or the screams for Mother and God from these boys that don't want to die. They carry with them the helplessness of not knowing what to do because they are boy men themselves.
They carry the very real sight and sounds of a battle where they are pinned to the ground and one wrong move could cost them their life. They carry the hours that turned into days as they fought to get themselves and the boy men fighting beside them to safety.
They carry the long nights they lay in hiding, waiting to take a human life because it was trying to take theirs. They carry the look on the face of an enemy that they have killed and know that he too didn't want to die..
They carry awful smells of death with them everyday, and the slightest scent of something rotten can have them hiding in a corner not wanting to know where or what it is. The also carry the smells of burnt flesh and will swear to you that something is amiss in the very home in which they live.
They carry the loneliness they feel even while in the company of family. They carry the fear that something like their past could happen to their loved ones, and there is nothing on this earth that they could do about it. They carry the fear that they will take their own lives and not mean it. The carry the fears of a past that no man should have to remember or have.
They carry the fear that tonight is another night where they will have to sleep. They know the ghosts of a war past will come and get them, and they will have no choice but to go along. Once again the killing will start, Once again the fear will take them so near death that they wake up soaking wet, and screaming in a world where only they know how hard it is to carry themselves through the coming day..
Thanks, Red Dog....Delta 1/4


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