March 04, 2006

Semper Fi HEART

Semper - Fi Heart
Some may wear the uniform
And even look the part
But to truly be a real Marine
You must have a "Semper-Fi Heart"
This "Heart" is not "Earned in Boot camp"
But is "Developed along the Way"
And it "Grows" because of "Dedication"
Through "Service" each and every day
"Semper" is Latin for "Always"
"Fidelis" means "Faithful" and "True"
"Faithful" when things don't go your way
And "Faithful" when they do
You may not understand the rationale
Nor even know the reason why
But the "Mission" will be "Accomplished"
When your "Heart" is "Semper-Fi"
Written by, PFC Loyde P. "Snake" Arender 2454394


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