March 15, 2006


Support the USMC 3/25

This e-mail was posted on Sending cards and letters and boxes to those Marines who remain in Iraq, and who are part of the 3/25 is an important action to let them know, we feel their loss and still support their mission.

As you may have seen, the battalion that replaced us in Iraq (3/25) has been especially hard hit in recent days. I follow them closely in the news and keep up email contacts with a few folks still at the dam in Haditha. By my counts from news reports and Dept of Defense press releases, 3/25 has now lost close to 47 Marines if not higher. This might be the highest price any Marine battalion has paid in Iraq.

1/23 lost 10 of our members and I know how difficult each loss was to our guys. It meant a great deal to us to know how much support we had from folks back home during those trying days. Many politicians and tv types talk about how their thoughts and prayers are with our troops there, but I believe that is not enough.

Actions of course always ALWAYS speak louder than words. If you can find it in your day please send them a box or even a letter to just let them know we have not forgotten them and that we hold them in the highest place of honor. 3/25 will probably be in Iraq until October. It takes about two weeks for mail to get to them.

You can send all sorts of stuff like books, magazines, dvds, candy, food, etc in a simple US Postal service flat rate box for less than 8 bucks. That's about two lattes at Starbucks. Most importantly you can also send a note or card for 37 cents and let a few American patriots know how much they mean to us.

The address for 3/25 is:

Adopt a Marine
c/o Capt Kasparian
3/25 H&S Co
Unit 72110
FPO, AE 09509-2110

Thank you for reading this and please pass it along to anyone that you might think would want to see this.

Semper Fi, Capt James Crabtree, USMC


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