April 01, 2006

Combat In Afghanistan

The language is typical for troops in dire circumstances.

Even with that, the last words on their mouth when they have been seriously hit is either “mother” or “God.”

Finally got another e-mail from my son. It is un-edited because Marines talkthis way. Most of you will find this all too familiar. Scares the hell outof me and I knew that something was up. But I am so damn proud of him and ofall of our people in the military. His reference to his mother in closing,was for her father who passed away last Saturday.

Friday is going to be a very long day.

Please keep them all in your prayers.God Bless&Semper Fi,

saturday night at 0100 i got into my 1st firefight, sunday night at 2000 i got into my second, we took a group of female medical officers from the army up to the neristan mountains to do what they call a med cap,they hand outmedicines to local villagers, i had a soldier in the back who i reallyliked, a ltcol medic and a female major, the soldier was their bodyguard. itwas freezing cold and pissing on us the hole time,we were surrounded by mountains. me and my plt sgt were sleeping in the back of this truck with ablue tarp over us, i had been asleep for a couple hours i think, we had a fire team of marines on top of mountain in an op on our left flank, andafghan army on a hill top to our right flank, i had post on 50 cal soon so itried to sleep, at 0100 i heard the loudest thud impact ever it landed inthe middle of our patrol base, i hopped out of the back of the truck, then another thud and another, then ak shots coming from the front, then the 50and all the crew serves were going of in the direction of fire, and wereturned fire with our mortars, they dropped about 10 on us, we dropped 26,all i could see was tracers coming from us and tracers coming from them andbright bursts from them coming from the mountain tops, i ran to my truck took a knee and dropped a full mag into the muzzle burst in about 10seconds, some ----- was shooting at my truck 100 yards in front of me froma hill top, when i tried to exchange i dropped the mag on the deck and thespring inside popped out and my rounds flew out in the air, the impacts frommortars were right behind me and to the left of me on the hill top from myplts m203, it lasted about 20 minuets, the echo from the mountains made itthat much more intense, we called seize fire, and did a count and bodysweep, we took no casualties, the next day the medics did their ----- and werolled out, just before the xo got intel from the village mayor that thereis about 30 guys waiting for us on the other side of the mountain, the roadsare the worst roads ive ever driven on,they are about the size of a humvee and straight cliff on the left side.we roll out and about 4 hours into myplt sgts steering column on his truck breaks off so he cant steer, so we towit, we can only do 5 mph, now night fall hits, we are driving on thismountain in the dark and then a bright light and mortar thud goes off behind my truck, so its started, the hole mountain for about 1 mile on my left sidelights up with ak fire in random areas, we return with everything we got,tracers everywhere, it was a sight to see as im positive you know. thefemale in the back busts out rosemary beads and starts praying out loud,arocket flies past the windshield above my vehicle, we are going to slow tostep on it because of the towed vehicle in front of me. the xo stops theconvoy we kill the lights and engage. i open the door of my humvee and dropa mag into the muzzle blast again. we start the head lights move forward alittle more and kill the lights, i open the door again and drop another magand a half and close the bullet proof door as they return, the scalding hotshells are falling into my flack and blouse burning my neck legs chest andstomach, from soldiers gun in the back seat. this went on for about thirtyminuets, the afghan army was walking along side the vehicles and returning fire, we finally came around to the other end of the mountain and i could hear them hitting the 2nd convoy behind ours, we took no casualties. we tookover a police station to hold up. i stood on the 50 for some of thenight.freezing soaked scared pumped and pissed off, we launched mortars atthe mountain from our pause until morning. they handed out meds and webounced and returned to base without out anymore -------. so thats what ive been doing for three days.we got quite the welcoming when wereturned because everyone in the rear was listening to the net all night.weare going back out there on friday. i hope every round i fired killed a-----, or horribly disfigured them. we were helping their village and animals and they were watching us the whole time from the mountains.----them ---- their whole country, ---- ala, ---- mohamed, ---- his prophets,the kids, women, elders, micheal moore,cheney, and the medics who think theycan hand outs meds and win hearts and minds, ---- all these ------.i will never forget these 2 nights, the morning after the 2nd fight the armymajor.older woman, scared face and kinda reminded me of pat.she came up tome wet and cold. with a teared up face and voice she said cpl tank i justwant you to know (stuttering) you were extraordinary last night, and i never felt safer in country then with you last night. everyone around got silent.i didnt know what to say it was totally unexpected and ive never been called extra ordinary before. i think i took a minute before i replied with no maimits cool, and walked away to go eat an mre. that was ----awesome. its tobad she wasnt like 19 or something.no maim its cool i kept saying in my head, you dumbass you couldnt come up with something better then that.her bodyguard soldier looked at me and says you bastard i'v been working for herfor a year and never even got a please or a thanks.latter on i saw that soldier in the gym with a usmc tattoo i knew i like him for a reason. anywayit was an eventful weekend. its the talk of the base.combat action ribbon,---- a.anyway i love you and tell mom i love her and miss her a lot andthink of her a lot.tell her im sorry and i will call her soon.

semper fi


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