April 05, 2006

Once A Marine

Once an old Marine was walking
Down life's long and winding road
When on the trail before him,
a mighty cloud arouse.
It was terror,Wrath and Geoncide
Out to make their rounds,
Tearing up the contryside
and pillaging the grounds.

Then they checked up toe to toe
With the lone Marine.
They said,"You're looking weary, boy,and just a little lean.
You know we're in a hurry.
So you'd better step aside,
And if you know what's good for you
You'll find a place to hide."

Well, the old salt never uttered
A solitary word,
But slowly drew his Ka-Bar
as he mustered up his nerve.
Then he said, "You ain't passing here-
Not while I'm on watch.
But if you're feeling lucky,
Let's crank it up a notch."

And when it was all over
The carnage was a sight;
Seems Terror, Wrath, and Genocide
Had lost the will to fight.
So don't you be discouraged
And don't give in to fright
'Cause there's "Always a Marine" watching
And ready for a fight

Jackie R Duncan


Blogger MAJ Dad said...

Thanks for posting my poem. I've got more so keep your eyes open.

Semper Fi

Jackie R. Duncan

April 21, 2006  

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