April 15, 2006


what the fuck is respect, it's when you don't talk shit, you listen when people's talkin, you stay strong and never quit, you hold people high, help them when you can, you bow down if you were wrong, gotta be the bigger man, you gotta be sensitive, to other people's needs, you gotta come up with the bandaids when anybody bleeds, there aint no enemies, we all people in need, i don't start beef, i dont carry a grudge, you spit an talk shit, but i wont never budge, my homies is hustlers, gang bangers an thugs, an i show them respect, when nobody else does, so who the fuck you think, they respect in return, believe what you will, but respect is earned, not bought and sold, not made from gettin shot, not for being so cold, you make it if you can, by doing shit for other people, an you can only get respect, when you realize, we all equal -JEY

i guess we all seen some shit, i guess we all seen things aint legit, i think we all know who's not for real, i think some of us really have gripped cold steel, my lips were sealed, an now they blast like gats, i seen fakes in this world, i can deal, but fuck rats, most cats that i know, dont deal with your shit, you don't know what i been thru, you dunno how i cripped, when i tripped, when i was ready to die, you aint never seen scared tears coming from ya girlfriends eyes, you disrespect your own, you're spanish it's ok, but you hate on them callin them spics, you fuckin flake, you call me a pussy, a bitch, said im not a man, cuz i had problem and said it, no, YOU don't understand, when i got beat in fist fights an throw downs, i got back up, an stayed protecting my ground, but you point blame, point blank, you're lame, got big muscles, big ego, but a bitches name, so fuck what you said, like i showed disrespect, you gotta get a dictionary, before i hook ya neck, i dun care you can kick, you was military as well, you can be quick an strong, but muscle cant stop shells-i aint sayin ima kill you, but you gotta take a rest, cuz i know a lot of things, an number one is respect - Jey


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