April 05, 2006

Who needs Guts and Glory, Give me an M-16 and a full magazine

This is the time to which we as Marines stand up, count off, and lock and load.
The training has been done, the mission is yet to come.
We will fight for OUR country and die for our flag.
The youth of tomorrow know not what they lack.
Yesterday is forever gone the future to be told.
Stand back for here we come, the Crimson and Gold.
We know not what fear is, we live to be bold.
The Corps made us what we are, fighters til the end.
Lock up your wives and daughters cause the Marines are coming in.
We'll make them free and make them safe, then have them for our own.
But when were done we'll leave with grace and a smile upon our chin.
You know we always do our best, the best is all we know.
That is why we bare the title of United States Marine.
From The Halls of Montazuma now to Libiria.
A Marine is there to protect the world and Keep this great land, The United States of America, Safe.
March on Marines, for You are the protectors, the defenders, the peace keepers.
But if you EVER need back-up.
Call on Me, call on your brothers.
We who have earned the title will ALWAYS be there to serve.
Pull the IV from my veins and the O2 from my nose.
I am a Marine and I will fight. Now, Then, Forever.
Semper Fi


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