May 20, 2006

Care Packages 4


The school supplies worked out great. We held a medical operation the other day where we gave people in the town care for all their various ailments. When we were there, we took care of 347 children. They were all happy to receive different school supplies, the majority of which you provided.

Letchford James H. 1LT, 1-1 Marines Co Executive Officer


Hey. I just have to tell you this story. You know how they always say how small the world really is? Well, some time last week I got an email from the postal office saying how short handed they were and could I possibly spare some of my Marines to help sort the mail? I didn't want to but when I brought it up, 2 of my leathernecks volunteered to do it. I took them to the postal place and decided to hang around to make sure they didn't get abused. They had a lot of mail to go through (about 8 big pallets of letter and package mail). I just kind of hung out and eventually helped a bit. Anyway, while I was helping I was putting a package into one of the 20 or so bins they had representing all the units here and I couldn't help but notice that this package had a bunch of Marine stickers on it. On closer examination, I discovered it was one of yours. Imagine that, out of the thousands of packages. I'm sure they'll be happy to get it. I don't remember who it was to, but I thought it was a cool story. Thanks for everything you are doing and continue to do.

GySgt Richard (MACS-2 ATC Tower Chief)"


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