May 17, 2006


Make them for troops who they know who are deployed or to make and send to me to fwd. to troops like Doc. These are great to make assembly line style with young/old, men/women, boys and girls. I've seen high school football players running sewing machines, old men standing at an ironing board pressing the material or turning them inside out. All of us together can make a difference in helping these poor troops withstand the terrible heat over there.

for patterns for neck coolers and helmetliners ~ contact Linda for more information.

"Linda Swinford"

Neck Cooler as worn by troops (without the use instructions of course).
Neck cooler laid flat - unsoaked.

is close up of the 4 pockets with the unsoaked granules in the center.
is close up of the 4 pockets in the center with the granules soaked.


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