May 29, 2006

No Marines in Heaven

Admiral Halsey did not like Marines; so when he arrived at the PearlyGates, he asked St. Peter if there were any Marines there. St. Peter assured him that there were none.
The admiral then asked directions to his quarters and was told that they were three blooks a head and to make a right. That would take him to his lodgings. The admiral boldly strode down three blocks and turned right only to see a Marine in dress blues directing traffic at the next intersection.
Upset, the admiral stormed back to St. Peter saying, "I thought you toldme there were no Marines here." St. Peter said, "Let me guess. You saw a gunny in dress blues with a lotof hash marks? "Correct," replied the admiral. "Don't worry," said the saint, "that's God. He always wanted to be a Marine."


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