July 07, 2006

Boot Murtha


The Murtha Alert

A message from CAPT Larry BaileyPresident, Vets For The Truth
July 12, 2006

Fellow Veteran,

I'm fed up. Fed up with the disrespect that is shown our military by the liberals. Fed up with the accusations of the left-wing politicians against our own military men and women in Iraq.

This current situation has the smell and feel of what happened to my generation when we were winning a war in a place called Vietnam, and I don't like it. Nor do a lot of my fellow veterans.

That is why we, veterans of the "Kerry Lied" Rally in Washington, DC in 2004, have once again banded together to fight a man for making false and treasonous statements; in this case, it's John ("Jihad Jack") Murtha, who accuses our own US Marines of "...murdering innocent civilians in cold blood."

Most of us are not from the 12th Congressional District, but we ARE American veterans, and we would like you vets in the 12th District to join us in "redeploying" John Murtha from Washington, where he is doing inestimable harm to our forces in Iraq, just like "Hanoi John" Kerry did to us in Vietnam.

Help us! PLEASE!

Help us get the word out about what John Murtha has done and is doing to hinder the War on Terror. Help us communicate with the thousands of veterans in the 12th District by providing them with information Murtha doesn't want them to have.

Please go to www.bootmurtha.com and, using either PayPal or the post office address, help us reach our goal of $7750 to pay for the letter we're going to send to every one of those vets.

Or you can send via regular mail:

VFTT / Boot Murtha Campaign
P.O. Box 291
Chocowinity, NC 27817

Pennsylvania Office:
VFTT / Boot Murtha Campaign
P.O. Box 462
Charleroi, PA 15022

With your help, we WILL redeploy John Murtha!

Thank you very much.

Larry Bailey, US Navy (Ret.)
Vets for the Truth
(Vietnam 1967, 1971)


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