July 08, 2006

HELP ~ Postage

We had a great turn out and a wonderful generous crowd at the Wellington Fair. We made a lot of money and we sent out almost 1000 boxes over the following week. However the IRS took up a collection for us and we got a lot of great donations of items from them. We packed and packed and we now have almost 500 more boxes ready to go out. We NEED POSTAGE! Any help any of you can give would be greatly appreciated. Even postage for one box would be some help. These are mostly flat rates. Flat rates cost $8.10 each to mail. We can no longer have the "adopt a box" at HyVee in Blue Springs since they had a lady complain we should not be sending care packages.. tax dollars was enough. The manager refused to allow us any more adopt a box days due to this. He said he did not want to loose one customer. I tried to reason the fact 400 -500 customers thought it was great and participated only one complained and it was a political complaint. He still refused. ( He lost me as a customer and I bought a lot of items there for the troops. I hope that lady spends enough to make up for it) I still shop and endorse all the other HyVee's in our area. They have been very supportive to us and the troops! Unfortunately no other sub stations at any other HyVee or in the Metro area handles custom labels. So we need stamps or $ to purchase stamps or postage for these boxes. You can buy 2 of the $4.05 stamps to place on the box or a multiple of stamps of different denominations to place on for , or help with, the postage.. anything will help ! In August we will start collecting for XMAS for these troops and it will be a much harder task. We already have Xmas trees and decorations to send. We will be looking at more then 5000 boxes and postage alone about $40,000 between Sept and Nov just to get a tree and some decorations to each unit and a stocking with goodies to each of the guys and gals. We already have several groups collecting items for us. However none of the government groups are allowed to collect postage or currency. Seems according to the government stamps are currency. and per government policy they can not ask for donations of currency of any kind for us. .. So we really need postage now and a lot more soon ! ANYTHING will help ! Pass the info to friends, co workers, family and who ever you can think of...

They can donate by mail at USTS PO BOX 782 Blue Springs, Mo 64013 or on the web site ( secured) www.ustroopsupport.org or call me for more info ! 816-224-4729

Thanks !



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