August 29, 2006

We have another 213 troops added to our list today. most are from one unit roster from 2nd AA 2nd MAR div. We started with 2nd AA BN B Co in 2003 and we have continued to support them each time they go. We have 41 repeats on names on this roster. In other words 41 guys we have supported prior on tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Most are under the age of 23. We sent out 1400 letters for donations this month. Thus far we have gotten 7 back with donations and 9 with please take me off your list I am no longer interested. Those 7 donations totaled under $300. All was used for postage.

KFKF and some of their sister stations are doing a major fund raiser for us on 9-11. Several on sight and a telethon. They asked for troops to call in, current ones we support over seas, ones that we supported in the past and some that have returned home. I emailed and called for some to request they do this to help promote everything. I spoke to several commanders and all had the same thing to say. > The support has decreased to almost nothing. No ones seem to care anymore. I have to say they are right. It is harder and harder for us to get a donation, even items. Folks are getting tired of all the politics and false promises and negative media about the troops. They would rather send the money overseas to earth quake victims and the poor countries. Most do not realize they are just supporting terrorism when they do that. Much of those donations never go to the cause they were intended for, but are filtered to terrorist organizations instead. We are hoping that the KFKF will be a HUGE success. We now have paypal on or web site and that may help as well. We will be at Apple Bees in Blue Springs this Saturday ( weather permitting) collecting for postage. We have some car wash tokens for "Grandpas" that costs us $1.50 each and we can sell for $5 each . Dale Walkup provided these. He would not donate any straight up. He seemed reluctant even to do this. Brett spoke to the CMBC ( Christian Business Mans association) at their meeting, and they didn't seem to receptive about helping. This is when Dale Walkup offered the car wash tokens. The car wash tokens promote his business and help us too. When I called Dale about these he didn't seem overly excited about helping us. In fact he wanted to know exactly what we send and lectured me about any adult content items and how it poisons the minds of the troops. ( my first thought ion this was to say they are trained killers and you think that training or being in a war zone isnt effecting their mind, but hey keep my mouth shut) I told him numerous things we send including magazines and he immediately wanted to know what kind. I have been lectured about sending tobacco items and adult items and candy and the list goes on.. If one item isn't poisoning their mid the other is causing them cancer or rotting their teeth. Geez , I think their worst fear is being killed by terrorist not tooth decay. We do not send adult content any longer. However we did send adult magazines when it was requested back in 2003 & 2004. Now they can request straight from vendors and they will send direct. Price Chopper and HyVee in Blue Springs will not donate anything! Most of the businesses I have called on in Blue Springs will not donate anything. Indp and Lee's Summit are better.

I have talked until I am blue in the face and folks are just not interested unless it effects them directly. ( and then sometimes they don't care either they think the gov will take care of their son or daughter) . Let's all pray a lot this for our troops and for help to support them !

Thanks !


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