September 06, 2006


On the beginning of the new millenium, international terrorism, civil and economic chaos, and the growing availability of weapons of mass destruction present an endless array of threats, that the world's national security concerns could not have predicted, even as recently as the end of the Cold War.One unit experienced is unconventional special operations missions, is the US Navy SEALs, classified maritime special operations unit, trained to respond to conflicts around the globe.Today's threats to world peace, have reinforced the demand for a rapid smaller military response to situations were a full scale military intervention is not practical.These situations are known as “conflicts other than war”.For the first time, cameras were allowed into the secretive world of the US Navy SEAL Teams, despite restrictions on filming surtent classified subjects, the events pictured here are actual training and military operations, never before seen by the public.

Navy SEALs:

In Harms Way

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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