October 14, 2006

Military Tribute Song

A couple buddies of mine (country duo Rushlow Harris) wrote a song with a retired SEAL called "Bagpipes Cryin'". Check it out on their website http://www.rushlowharris.com/ They're signed to Toby Keith's record label and the song is shipping to radio now. They're doing an autograph signing at a Ft Bragg PX tomorrow and they tell me that GG Liddy will be using the song next Thursday on his show honoring Medal of Honor recipients. They're also on tour with Toby for the remainder of 2006 if you can catch a show.It doesn't matter if you like country music or not you need to check this out. I promise you'll like it. A great song about honor.

Guess they updated the site since I last looked and shortened the clip to just 30 seconds. The entire song "Bagpipes Cryin'" can be heard on their myspace page www.myspace.com/rushlowharris


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