November 30, 2006

Join the Ranks!

D.C. Lawmakers – refusing to provide "The Best Body Armor" available for the


Watch video clip of no Support for Our Troops.

Watch video clip of no Support for Our Troops.

Meticulous Tally of every U.S. and Coalition Military FATALITY!

Department of VA reports D.C. Lawmakers cannot find the funds for promised

Military Health Care:

Why Not?

Why Not?

Why Not?


Why Not?

Yet, D.C. Lawmakers have informed the "Army Strong" to go find more
Applicants to join the military!
Apply Within….
More Troops Needed!
More Troops Needed!
More Troops Needed!
More Troops Needed!

"Generally speaking we've quadrupled the number of the lowest mental categories...putting 6,000, 7,000, 8,000 moral waivers"

Seems to be saying what Senator Kerry said... many of the less educated, elderly, and immoral are finding a home in the All Volunteer Force.

Proper Equipment, Benefits and Incentives = All Volunteer Force and no Draft.

Poor equipment, reduced, eliminated or broken promised incentives = substandard recruits, reduced retention of career forces and the possibility of the Draft.

Senators and Congressmen AGAINST the Troops
Do Our Lawmakers Support Our Wounded Troops and Their Families?

Here's How Republicans Support Our Troops. This way too!

Here's How Democrats Support Our Troops.
Here's Democrats and Republicans Report Cards.
'Shared Sacrifice' a Concept Long Overdue!
CEO Pay Doubles at Defense-Related Firms since 9/11.
What's an OIL Royalty?
OIL Royalty
Read1: OIL!
Read2: OIL!
Read3: OIL!
Click here!

Medically Retired Soldier Concludes:

"We Are Pawns" in IRAQ.
Or... 4 ounces of WATER can get you 100 miles of travel in your car... that's because water can replace OIL!
More water here too!
Accumulating seniority increases power, thereby encouraging greed and corruption.

James T. North
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