November 03, 2006


Sound Off Letter of the Month

As a fairly new subscriber to Leatherneck, I have to tell you that I really enjoy each and every issue. My nephew just completed his four years of service as an 0311 [rifleman] and now is living life as a civilian.

When he first deployed to Afghanistan a few years ago, I started sending care packages to the Marines in his unit, “India” Company, 3d Battalion, Sixth Marine Regiment. Knowing that there were many Marines with little or no support from home is what initially got me started—the thought of those men and so far from home, in danger, and getting no mail.

That little project was supposed to last seven months. It has been nearly four years now, and I am still sending eight to 15, 15- to 25-pound boxes out every week, mainly to combat battalions all over Iraq.

Thanks to hundreds of generous Americans who have made this possible with their donations, I am hoping to continue for months to come. To date, I have raised about $55,000 and I am so very grateful to all who have donated, as I do not have nonprofit status, so they cannot claim the donations on their taxes. Some have given thousands, some many hundreds.

I have benefited by being blessed with new friends in the Corps family, all over the country. I have befriended family members and Marines all over, and they are so very special to me. Some will be friends for life, some for the present.

I decided to write you after reading the August issue; almost every article in the issue was about a unit that I ship to. It’s an extensive list. I ship to several of the units every time they deploy: 3/6, 3/8, 2d Tank Bn, Marine Attack Squadron 223, now 1/25, 1/8, 2/8, and many, many more. I love to read about the outstanding Marines to whom my packages go.
Sorry to be so long-winded. I feel so deeply about the Corps and its Marines.

Susan WarrenRockville, Md.

In May 2003, Susan Warren, a retail worker in Rockville and former prize-winning body builder, started sending Marines care packages of snack foods, magazines, toiletries and other items. Leatherneck congratulates Ms. Warren on her recent award from the American Legion. As you can read, her efforts have been tremendous.—Sound Off Ed.


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