November 14, 2006


Hello Lil JoshI am sending out the email below to every military support group, veteransgroups and to people who have emailed me about them supporting our troops.I am hoping that everybody who receives this will figure out a way to help. Please Read below and tell me what you think.

Blessings Bob


My name is Bob Calvert. If you do not remember me I began a talk showwhile I was still living in Colorado Springs near Ft Carson. It is calledTalking with Heroes. I started it because I heard over and over again fromour troops about them wanting to know why they rarely heard on the newsthe good things they had been and continue to do in helping the people inIraq or Afghanistan. I had also heard a lot from military support groups,veterans and people like me who have never been in the military wonderingwhy we rarely hear on the news about the good our men and women do.

In October of this year I spent two weeks in Iraq interviewing our men andwomen where they are serving. The purpose of this email is to request thatyou help us get the word out about these interviews as they are heard bothon the internet and now in five states on Cable TV.

In May 2006 a question was made to me by an Officer with the MinnesotaNational Guard asking me if I would be interested to take my talk show toIraq and interview our military there. It took a while to raise the moneybut I recently returned from a two week tour in Iraq. I was able tointerview military personnel across Iraq so that they could talk about thegood they have been and continue to do in Iraq. I was also with Iraqi ArmyBattalions near the Syrian Border and our Military Transition Teams whoare training them. The tour also included being in an Iraqi town at theGrand Opening of a school thanks to our National Guard and families backhere in the USA. I was able to interview the Principal.

As a result of us being asked to share more about what I witnessed inwriting on the website about my experiences in Iraq, we have added a newbutton on the home page. It says "Iraq Tour + More". It is on the leftside of home page or you can click on the link below:

Also there is now a Major Announcement on the website on our home page.You can go to our home page to get to it or go directly to it at:

It gives information on a Regional Cable/Satellite TV Network based inDenver, who will be airing our Iraq Talk Shows throughout the month ofDecember in 180 cities in 5 states. 80 of those cities are throughoutColorado including Denver and Colorado Springs. Those who are in one ofthese 180 cities will be able to see and hear what these men and women inIraq said to me on the talk shows. You may know people in some of thesetowns. We are looking for all the help we can get to get the word out.

I invite you to read this Major Announcement on our website. If you knowpeople in the cities and states where these interviews will air, you mightwant to let them know that they can hear from our troops on their TV intheir homes. This is also another opportunity for you and your supportersand volunteers to reach out to more people about what you do and aboutyour organization. You would think that everybody in the country who saysthey support our troops would want to see these interviews from Iraq. Theonly way that I know of that they will have the opportunity to do so is ifothers like you will help!

Everybody with access to a computer with speakers can also listen viaaudio on computers every Sunday night through December 24, 2006 to whatour men and women had to say as I interviewed them in Iraq. The first showthat aired on Oct 22nd is now in our past shows/archives. We should havethe second talk show from Iraq which aired last night in our archives bythe end of today. To listen from our archives go to our home page thenclick on "past shows/archives". Then click on the talk show date which youwould like to listen to.

If you would like to email me or talk over the phone about our upcomingIraq Talk Shows DVD release, sponsorships or anything else about our talkshow please let me know. Any suggestions that you can share about reachingmore people with these interviews would be greatly appreciated.

If you agree that our military personnel have a right to be heard thenplease help us get the word out. And if you would like to receive futureupdates please add your email address from our home page to our NewNewsletter List.

Thank YouBob Calvert,
HOST website:
phone: 719-310-7814


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