December 25, 2006

Camp Penendleton with Armor of Light

The Lord blessed our day at Camp Pendleton Sunday. The Lord gave us great servants, with Godly attitudes of joy, to serve the warriors and their families. The Lord gave us great weather (though earlier in the week the storm was scheduled to hit Sunday). The Lord fed over 700 people and multiplied the food. The Lord gave a toy to every girl and boy. The Lord provided enough canned goods for all the families to take food home. The Lord provided fun activities for the kids, great music, wonderful gifts for the adults, t-shirts, a fun raffle, and prayer for many. The Lord allowed us to see His Hand at work in the hearts and lives of people - there is no greater Christmas present than to experience God touching our hearts and changing the lives of people.

Some families came and got into line before 9:00am for a 2:00pm start time. There were some who did not recognize the need to stand in line, but went straight to the front of the line, since they had "special privileges" because they had just come from church. It was amazing in talking with them that they could not even tell me what they were standing in line for (toys, free food, a meal) - they just felt they should be able to stand in the front of the line. God graciously dealt with them and we appreciate the wisdom of all who talked with them and ministered to them the love of Christ. We are all at different places in our walks with the Lord. The Lord wants us to have a childlike faith, but not to act childish.

Again we recognize the intense need for prayer and appreciate all of you who faithfully prayer for Armor of Light. Many of you had some incredible talks and experiences with the warriors and families. Tears were shed and lives were touched, please continue to lift up these warrior families that God would cause a revival amongst them.
Ooh-rah for Jesus!

Deo Semper Fi,
Stephen Brown


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