January 12, 2007

I got this email from a good friend...please forward it to all yourfriends....this man has totally dedicated his life to bringing thestories of our men and women serving to the public eye and ear...he is avery special man...and he needs your support....you can go to hiswebsite to see what he does...but please pass this on.Also, on the 21st of this month, 8pm EST, I will be interviewed on hisshow...which is available on the internet and some cable stations outwest..................


If you can think of anybody who might like to have their names on one ormore of the Iraq talk show webpages after I get back in about twoweeks.. the sponsorship for that is $100 per Iraq Talk Show InterviewSegment. This is really important.

People who feel led to be a part of helping us bring these incredibleinterviews to the American people can help by going through our Become A Sponsor page on the website www.talkingwithheroes.com .... throughthe level two sponsorship page.

Everything left as far as funds went into this second trip to Iraq. When I left this time for Iraq I had to leave the apartment I was in there in Colorado Springs and all the Talking with Heroes equipment and stuff and personal stuff is in a storage room. As of the moment I do not have aplace to go to when I get back. I figure God got us here.... got usthrough three long convoys and a foot patrol, freezing and much more....raising the money for a place to stay when I get back is easy.

As you know Susan with you being a sponsor yourself (thank you:) thevisibility we offer in exchange for financial help stays on ourtalkingwithheroes.com website for a long time. Got to run...I appreciate so much your friendship, prayers and support.




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