February 04, 2007


Let's keep this one going: email it to everyone you know!


Thanks for all you do to support those that serve in the military. Thanks also for all of your updates. I do all I can to spread them to others so that we can continue to let our troops know that America supports them. They need to hear that message now more than ever.

Please pass on to all of your contacts that Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day www.armad.net is an excellent way for our Troops, and Veterans to know that the people of our communities support them. In light of the negative media coverage ARMAD is attempting to spread the word even more that the people from our communities appreciate and support our military members.

We are moving forward this year to reach more communities, and troops with positive messages of support. We are working with the U.S. Army Department of Operation Tribute To Freedom, and other groups such as National Military Appreciation Month, www.nmam.org to reach our troops with "LIVE" messages of thanks and support.

Please keep this email going by passing it to everyone that supports our brave men and women of the miltary. Ask them to contact Amateur Radio Operators in their communites and have them set up for ARMAD - 2007 on May 26, 2007. We want to blow away the media this year with positive support for our troops. ARMAD is provided as a free public service by amateur radio clubs, and operators. Lets spread the word and " Ham It Up For The Troops."
Thank you very much.

Emery McClendon


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