February 09, 2007

small rpg team attacked the front gates of a base near by, we assisted in stopping them....

if u can hear it, im the .50 in back ground with the long bursts.... im on the bridge above...the other gunner is closer to the camera, his bursts are the shorter ones like 2-3 rounds each....



If I violated any rules by posting this, you may delete the post. I didn't see any other posts about this.It's not clear if this shooting is the most recent CH-46 that went down.The weapon does not appear to be an RPG.


Where do you think I've got my avatar from

kidd in my plt was sitton on an op when a single shot bounced off his turret sheild, missing his face..... 2 tanks from another comp. were at the range up street and rolled down to assist in securing the area along with 2 of our own.....they take turns knocking down an anbandon house where the shot could have come from.... alittle korn to help set the mood....


Deepest apologies if this is a repost, but i did try to search for it before posting. Anyways, this is a great clip of the FBI HRT in action.



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