February 04, 2007

While traveling in Las Cruses NM over the Christmas holiday season, my wife and I visited the local Veterans' Memorial. Verrrrry, verrrrry nice. Las Cruces is a small community about 100 miles west of El Paso . Most of the locals are farmers, merchants and educators (large college there). But there must be a lot of patriotic blood flowing through the people for this memorial is one of the finest I have ever seen. For myself (being a retired Marine) the Marine Corps Memorial is most interesting. It is a three dimensional sphere of "our" eagle, globe and anchor. It was hand made by a retired Marine. It spins in the wind on its three sided axis showing every "clime and place".

Also in the park is a large v-shaped memorial with local names for every war Americans have served. And also a very nice memorial to other branches of services, units and wars including a great piece for the men who were on the Bataan Death March. So if you ever travel down I-10 or I-25, ask a local and take the time to visit the Las Cruces Veterans' Memorial. You'll be glad you stopped.



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