April 10, 2007


April 04, 2007

USMC 1st Aid video clip

April 03, 2007

II MEF USMC / IRAQ videos ( new )


Click onto the photos listed on the right side of the web page.

The videos will begin to play right after.

April 01, 2007

Marine Harrier Refuels Over Iraq

for those of u that like jets and stuff like that you might find this video pretty intersting http://www.combatfilms.com/cfrtv.asp


Unmanned Ground Vehicles

For anyone interested: On April second, the Future Combat Systems is going to be shown on Future Weapons, also showing the latest in Unmanned Ground Vehicles (the CRUSHER,

http://www.rec.ri.cmu.edu/projects/crusher/Crusher_Brochure.pdf ).

I sure hope that they show the FFW!

US Sailor Surprises Son

I think the kid's expression pretty much says it all


USMC video clip


USMC just got back, safe and sound.

4 Marines from his platoon did not.